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My name is Lala, this is my web page, this link provides a virtual tour of Zufre for our valued english visitors. The villa is in the south of
Spain, near Seville, the capital of Andalusia. He is very well connected by road, approximately 45 'of this city. It is a mountain village hung almost a mountainside and breathtaking scenery on a swamp and pastures that surround it. And my house you in the street Linares
, in the center of town, next to an old pillar waterhole, very close to the Paseo lookout. 
        The town has a lot of charm, and if you took a street that meanders close by the people, and without cobblestone sidewalks, llegareis until finally a beautiful square, where the small City Hall portico and the Church. My husband and I have three types of rural housing in this town to hire at very cheap prices ranging from two hundred euros a month .. You can choose your taste depending on whether you want to view magnificent environment (
Buena Vista
), absolute tranquility (ecological house), or to switch in the center of town (downtown house). My telephone number is 0034 - 676720964.
  My family and neighbors of the people are very hospitable and you dispensaremos treatment family. My husband and I (incidentally soon be celebrating the anniversary of half a century of marriage), we were pioneers in this rural tourism. Twenty years ago, this was something of holidaymakers
Seville and Huelva, but over the years has been incorporating more people from other Spanish cities that sought landscapes and quiet among the peoples of yesteryear. As time began to come foreigners, mostly French, English and German. At first they were a novelty but today are already part of the landscape. A big hug and I hope veros soon. My address: Candelaria Mallofret Montero. C / Linares 9. 21210 Zufre (Huelva
). Phone 0034676720964. 
  The pearl Arabic. " Zufre preaches to the four winds its Muslim past and captivates the visitor. Located north of the
province of Huelva
and east of the county and the Sierra del Parque Natural de la Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche. Far from the capital 115 kilometers and is 446 m. Altitude. It has a population close to the thousand inhabitants and mostly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. 

       Embedded in the rock, at the
peak of La Solana
, a castle made mana people. Zufre, watchtower and guardian of the Sierra de Aracena, is shed by the side as molten rock. On the streets awaiting the treasure of a Roman civilization that gave him life in layout and the reality of a culture of mazes and water, Muslim. Walking by Zufre is left between losing their winding cobblestone streets, between their small houses lime and red tile full of flowers, in the richness of a heritage that has made worthy of the title of SET HISTÓRICO-ARTÍSTICO. 

          The Balcony of the Sierra call him. At the height of the Paseo Mayors opens to the frondosidad the mountains from one of the highest points of the park which surrounds it. In Zufre beauty and history has been made to walk the walk by each of its corners.

Accommodations: "
Buena Vista

The houses in which you are staying "
Buena Vista", located in one of the highest peaks of the people, with stunning views toward the bottom of the village, the dam and dehesa.

          It is an old house that retains its whitewashed walls and tiles Arabs. There is a fireplace in the living room. It has recently been rehabilitated but retaining their traditional style. If you want to see photos of the house falls on the link on the left called "
Buena Vista

                 "Casa Santa Zita"

Another of the houses are located in the lower village, on the old road to the chapel of St. Zita, is located on the inside of a garden. It is an eco-housing, fueled by a solar panel. 

          It is about fifty meters from the last houses of the village, meaning you can enjoy a wonderful tranquility. The house has a fence around campus where you can leave the car, barbecues or sit quietly in the sun. All photos of the housing have on the link to the left called "eco home."

                   "Senior Caserón Close"

          The last two houses are buhardillas rehabilitated an old house located in the very center of the village. The two have balconies around. It is ideal for those who want to integrate into the life of the people, part of the affability of its inhabitants to leave or take long walks through the cobbled streets of the town.

          These houses are very close to walking Mirador, from where they are dealt with the best views of the environment. All photos of the houses have on the links called "Apartment A" and "B apartment" located within the link Caserón downtown. " 

                      Of Festivities
If there is something to what we are prepared in this town is for the party. Right now I have to ask you some flowers to my neighbor Blasa to get close to the Pilgrimage. 

          Here whatever pretext is good for montarnos a revelry. I, of course, I stay with the Day of Candelas, although I am not recognize that the visitor what she likes best is the Pilgrimage. They want destacarte especially horse racing from the chapel to the streets of the town. We welcome two pilgrimages: one on the last Sunday in August and another in the second Sunday in September in honor of Ntra. Mrs. From Port. In September, we celebrate Fair Zufre, with bullfights. In addition, during the months of July and August will find wide range of cultural activities, with variable programming each year.


          I do not think that a surfer like you have problems to get my people look at me, I have already a certain age and how well I am. If consultations map from Google and Zufre brands in
Spain, in the province of Huelva, you will be here in a periquete and can fotografiarte next to the tower of the church like I do.

          You have maps situation on the link  "location". Its geographic coordinates are 37 ° 50 'N, 6 ° 20' W. It is located at an altitude of 450 meters and 131 kilometers from the provincial capital,
Huelva, and 80 in Seville
. It belongs to the Party Judicial Aracena. 

                     To eat
          Zufre has three places to eat: the kiosk of Jesus, the old Bar Partners, located on the two sides of the Mayors' Walk, and the House of Pepa, widow of Benedict.
The bar of the partners is the oldest of all and has stunning views towards dehesa and swamp. It is located within the walking Mirador. It has been recently refurbished. 

          The House of Pepa is a charming restaurant and small, so you must book in advance if you do not want to stay without table. Those who are located in El Paseo are broader, but it is recommended that reserves, as the visitors to the Sierra tend to concentrate on weekends that is safe, where more you feel like getting to you.
The Kiosk of Jesus, located within walking Mirador, juntao the Plaza de Abastos is newly remodeled, so if you zoom soon sure what estrenas.

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